TAUNTON Deane MP Rebecca Pow has met with the new Dental Minister, Dame Andrea Leadsom, to press home her views about the "unacceptable" lack of NHS dentists right across the constituency.

Ms Pow was given assurances that the Dental Recovery Plan is due to be launched imminently by Government.

She said: “I’ve met with many constituents and received much correspondence in terms of highlighting the lack of access to NHS dental provision in Taunton Deane.

"I make no bones about saying that this is a completely unacceptable situation.

"I have worked with Government to feed in many proposals and suggestions as to how to improve the situation on the ground, which included mobile dentists and a proposal to prioritise those who haven’t seen a dentist for more than two years, as well as children, when more capacity comes on stream.

"I received assurances from the Dental Minister that the new dental recovery plan will be launched imminently and that it will be radical.

"This announcement can’t come a moment too soon.”

Gideon Amos, LibDem Parliamentary candidate for Taunton and Wellington, said: “The Conservatives have broken local dentistry, broken our NHS and broken Britain.

"Now, even their own MP for the area seems to agree that their own record is unacceptable, even after all these years when they’ve been in charge.

"But it’s not just dentists - where is our new hospital for Taunton they promised as part of their campaign at the last General Election?

"Musgrove Park’s maternity buildings still rely on buckets under the holes in the roof and the Conservative government still hasn’t come up with the funding to even replace it.

"On past performance on our NHS, any promise today from the Conservatives will be broken, just like they broke their promise of a new hospital - and, all the while, they’ve been taking local people for granted.”