RESIDENTS and staff at a Taunton nursing home took to the cat walk for their very own fashion show.

Hamilton Park Nursing Home has introduced a monthly Resident Well-being Day to enhance the atmosphere and spirit there.

The initiative, pioneered by the residents themselves, promises to be a recurring highlight, bringing joy and unity to the community on a regular basis.

The inaugural event residents saw actively engaged in the planning and execution of the fashion show, sharing their creative ideas and involving their loved ones in the process.

The result was a display that showcased the vibrant community spirit in the home.

ABBA tunes were played as a backdrop to the show as a red carpet was rolled out, creating a glamorous ambiance that made everyone feel like a star for the day.

Activity and well-being lead Ewa Kuwalek said: "The success of this first Resident Well-being Day was the genuine smiles and camaraderie that filled the air.

"The residents, their families, and the staff revelled in the delightful experience, with a fantastic sense of humour permeating the entire event."