A KITTEN that was left out with the bins over Christmas has recovered "remarkably well" after having his eye removed at Chard's Ferne Animal Sanctuary.

Melchior was one of multiple kittens who were abandoned and cared for by the sanctuary.

A spokesperson from the animal rescue charity said: "Update on the Christmas kittens who were left out with the bins.

"Unfortunately they were not as well as we had hoped when they arrived but with a lot of TLC and a few tears along the way they are all doing well now.

"Little Melchior did end up needing surgery, losing an eye due to it being severely ulcerated. He has recovered remarkably well and there's no stopping him now. He has been extremely jolly and very determined throughout his recovery.

"He will soon be off to his new home where we know he will be completely spoilt.

"We know that this kind of work is only possible thanks to the support that we receive. You can ensure that we are always able to be there for animals like Melchoir.

"Your donations, no matter the size, make an incredible difference to the lives of our animals and are so greatly appreciated."