TAUNTON Pride is looking for volunteers and organisers as without a new team its 2024 event “will not take place”.

Taunton Pride’s directors said they are pleased to have delivered the 2023 event for the county town despite a reschedule from July to September and are now looking at the future of Taunton Pride CIC.

Last year’s event was run by just two people, both part-time volunteers with other responsibilities.

A spokesperson for Taunton Pride said: “If we do not get a new team in place soon, Taunton Pride 2024 will not take place, and the CIC will be made dormant.

“The 2023 organizers are not able to continue to run the event between the two of them without support from the community.

“In order to ensure the event continues to run annually - something which is vital for building momentum and sustainability - we are issuing a call for volunteer organisers and Directors to help take on the responsibility of running the event next year, and ensuring the CIC continues its work.

“We need people who are passionate about LGBT+ equality and Taunton/Somerset, in the following roles:

  • CIC Director (plus existing Directors who will remain in place)
  • Traders and Stallholders Manager
  • Contacting and booking traders and managing on the day
  • Volunteer Team Manager
  • Contacting and briefing stewards and deploying/supervising
  • Safeguarding Lead (must be DBS checked)
  • Accessibility Manager
  • Advising on accessibility around the site
  • Staging and Infrastructure Manager
  • Booking and helping deploy infrastructure such as staging and fencing
  • Artists and Performers Manager
  • Booking and liaising with performers for the event. Creating the running order
  • Fundraising and Grants Manager
  • Overseeing grant applications and helping fundraise

“Prior experience is welcome, but this is also an opportunity to try something new.

“You do not have to be an experienced event organiser to come forward.

“You just need to be passionate and able to see the project through to the end. Once you have signed up, we will expect your commitment to last until after the event is successfully delivered in 2024.

“Taunton Pride is, of course, welcoming of anyone regardless of their race, colour, religion, sexuality, country of origin, disability, gender identity, age, or background, as long as they are committed to equality for others on the same basis.

“Experienced support from last year will remain in place and provide institutional knowledge to the new team. They will not be expected to start from scratch.

“This is Taunton’s chance to sparkle and make its annual Pride event stand on its own two feet and continue to grow, making our town a safer and more vibrant place.

“If you would like to step forward please contact rob.ewers@tauntonpride.co.uk.”