IT'S Friday, so we thought we'd give you a bit of a history treat.

Thanks to Sarah Farnfield we've got some lovely old photos of Taunton.

Checking through the archives at Gurds, in Station Road, where she is a partner and which is celebrating its centenary this year, she came across hundreds of pictures of very different times in the town. We've reproduced just a small selection for your enjoyment.

There's a colour postcard of Station Road from 1909 showing the Crown and Sceptre and a building at what is now the junction with Priory Bridge Road. A horse drawn carriage ambles down the road and spot the tram-line.

There's an image of the foundations being laid on what was Chapmans but was later taken on by Debenhams. Following the demise of the latter the building is currently empty.

Check out the flooding down Station Road and Bridge Street.

Last word must surely go to Gurds in its big birthday year. Little seems to have changed at the majestic building housing the men's and boys' outfitters, which was a pharmacy up until 1924. But look carefully and you'll spot a clock dangling over the shop front. Unfortunately, it came to an untimely end when a lorry unceremoniously clattered into it decades ago.