OXFAM is on the lookout for more volunteers to get involved with the charity for this year's Glastonbury Festival.

The charity, established in 1942, works to 'overcome poverty by fighting the injustices and inequalities that fuel it'.

It has a presence at dozens of UK festivals, including Glastonbury.

An Oxfam spokesperson said: "Make amazing things happen, not just for one weekend but for life.

"Volunteer your time and help people live their lives free from poverty."

The spokesperson spoke about the unique experience to be gained from volunteering, stating: "Volunteering with Oxfam is a fun and rewarding way to experience festivals across the UK.

"Join a friendly community of volunteers, make friends for life, and get lots of time off to explore the festival."

There are plenty of perks for volunteers, such as free tea and coffee, hot showers, phone charging, and meal vouchers for every shift worked.

The spokesperson added: "Each year, our volunteers raise over an incredible £1.5 million for Oxfam!

"On top of that, in 2023, our campaigners helped spread our message to thousands of festival-goers, gathering a record-breaking 46,000 petition signatures, and our shop staff prevented over 9 tonnes of clothing from ending up in landfills!"

The varied roles on offer range from stewarding and campaigning, to shop volunteers.

The spokesperson commented on these opportunities, stating that festival-goers could provide important directions, check wristbands, or help man the camp and arena sites.

Those volunteering in Oxfam festival shops could provide attendees with fashionable items donated by supporters.

The minimum age for volunteering at a festival with Oxfam is 18 at the time of arrival on site.