A Taunton car dealership has sent out an invitation to drivers in the area to come along to their centre and learn about electric cars.

Vertu Volvo Taunton on Priory Way is encouraging people to speak to their team if they are thinking of getting an electric vehicle (EV).

They will be there to provide "their top tips to debunk the myths and help drivers figure out exactly what they need to charge ahead with their first EV".

Andrew Hooper, Sales Manager from Vertu Volvo Taunton, said: “Taunton drivers are welcome to drop in and speak with our expert team about purchasing their first electric car at any time, but for those too busy to visit, we’ve included our five top tips to help you start the new year off in the right gear.”

If anyone is interested in learning more about EVs the car dealership said to contact them at 01823 697800 or by visiting vertumotors.com/volvo.

5 tips on if an EV is right for you

Vertu Volvo Taunton shared a few tips to find out if purchasing an EV was right for you, which were as follows:

  1. Work out what you actually need
  2. Budget to spend less on maintenance
  3. Get set up for charging
  4. Know your budget
  5. Go to see the car in person

Discussing working out what you actually need, Hooper said: "It’s often easy to pick your new car based on aesthetics alone, but it’s important to make sure that the car you’re looking at fits all aspects of your lifestyle, too. Size is an important consideration. Do you need plenty of space in the cabin and the boot, or is one more important than the other?

"Generally speaking, the larger the car, the larger the battery will be, and so this will take longer to recharge.

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“If you’re someone who has a long commute to work every day, or if you regularly go on long-distance trips, you’ll definitely need to factor in a car that is smooth and comfortable to drive, efficient and has a good electric range.

"Many people tend to overestimate how much they actually drive – on average, the majority of people drive only around 20 miles a day.

"Taking a detailed look at what you use your car for on a daily basis and observing how many miles you add each week are great ways of staying realistic with your requirements.”