New research reveals that bungalow construction has dropped to account for just 1.2% of all new-build completions.

The latest available data shows that there are around 1.8 million bungalows in England, accounting for just 7.6% of the nation’s dwelling stock.

What’s more, construction of new-build bungalows is on a steep decline. In 2000, bungalows accounted for an estimated 6.9% of all new-build completions. By 2020, however, the completion of just 1,833 new bungalows meant that this market share had dropped to just 1.2% despite healthy demand, particularly from downsizers - who currently account for a third of all moves.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that bungalows have simply gone out of fashion and that’s why so few are now being built. That’s not the case. In reality, demand for bungalows remains high but developers don’t see them as profitable enough to deliver in decent numbers. They can, for example, make much more money by building multi-level dwellings or blocks of flats, so that’s where their focus largely lies.

A good many bungalows were built in the Taunton area in the 1960’s and 70’s Take a drive around the Parkfield, Galmington, Trull, Staplegrove and Creech areas, you’ll see a healthy selection. Then visit the new estates at Bathpool, Killams and the one that’s sprung up almost overnight in Bishops Lydeard. Where are they? Exactly – they’re rarer than hens teeth!

Since I stepped back from front line estate agency a few months ago to re-introduce my property appraisal service, many of my callers have been retirees looking to downsize and what are they looking to downsize into? Right first time – bungalows! Part of my service is geared towards assisting my clients onward search and there’s usually plenty of choice but I’m up against it with this one.

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