TAUNTON Pride said they are confident this year’s event will go ahead after announcing a new management team.

The group, which was looking for new members, said they added two directors and a senior manager to their team.

They can now start planning but they are not ready to announce a date for the event yet.

A Taunton Pride spokesperson said: “Following our recent call for volunteers, organisers, and directors, Taunton Pride is pleased to announce that we have a new Senior Management Team in place.

“This takes our number of directors from two to four, plus a senior manager who brings 30+ years of experience supporting Prides across the country.

“We are now confident that this year’s event will go ahead and planning can start in earnest.

“We are not ready to announce a date yet but stay tuned to our social media for updates as we have them.

“Operating beneath the management team, we have also been contacted by numerous people offering to be volunteer organisers, and have enough interest to cover the roles that we need.

“We will soon be organising a meeting with those interested in order to confirm roles and responsibilities.

“We feel the community has really stepped forward to support the event and look forward to running an even better, brighter Taunton Pride this year, including collaborating with businesses and venues around the town.

“We are still fundraising for the restoration of the Rainbow Path in Goodlands Gardens, and you can find the details here.

“Again, the response has been fantastic, putting us in the top 10 per cent of fundraisers nationally last month. Contractors are currently in the process of providing quotes for the restoration.

“Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, and roll on Taunton Pride 2024.”