A RECORD store that opened last year has been the only one between Bristol and Exeter to be selected for Record Store Day.

The 303 Records shop, based in Wellington, was accepted for the prestigious event.

The store originally opened outside Ilminster in 2022 but owner Andy Ware thought a high street location was key to the business’s success.

He said: “We set up the shop in November 2022 on a business park just outside Ilminster, after a few months we decided a high street location was going to be key to its success, we looked at a few different shops in Taunton, but high rent and crippling rates meant things were not going to be viable.

“This is when we found the emporium in Wellington, we liked the ethos behind the workings and opened in Wellington in September 2023.

“Wellington is full of independent shops and has free on-street parking for shoppers, what's not to like?

“We are currently offering the latest new vinyl and a good selection of used vinyl, we also have a selection of books and merchandise.

“As we get more established, we hope to increase the range in all areas, and on Saturday, April 20 we will take part in Record Store Day 2024.

“Being part of the global Record Store Day celebration is really exciting, it’s a fun day that brings shops and collectors together as a community.

“We are the only shop between Exeter and Bristol to be taking part and shows how serious we are about building a foundation in Wellington.

“The future is bright for shops, we are seeing more and more younger people purchasing physical copies of their favourite artists.”