Enjoy these 7 local Superstore deals for a Valentine’s date night in Taunton.


The cheapest is not always the worst and Lidl, like their bakery section, may surprise some people. All the options are frozen foods which isn’t ideal, and it is hard to create a luxurious 3-set menu from the available options as there is no official meal deal. The amount of heart shaped options is in full supply though, with the pizza and nuggets costing £2.49 each, and the dessert options are great with 12 mini eclairs for £1.99, as well as 2 chocolate soufflés for £1.99.

The 2 Lidl locations in Taunton can be found on Roman Road TA1 2BD, and Castle Street TA1 4AS.


One of the seemingly pricey stores, Waitrose has one of the best deals to pick up this Valentine’s day. For £20, you can get a starter, main, side, dessert and a choice of a fine wine or a cocktail. Waitrose also has arguably the best vegetarian options with a ‘no beef bourguignon’ and a goat’s cheese risotto as just some of the options for the deal. After working out the price of each option, you can get £39.20 worth of food and drink for £20 which is an amazing deal. For people who don’t want to drink alcohol, non-alcoholic drink options are available, and Waitrose also offer chocolates as a substitute.

The nearest Waitrose store to Taunton can be found in Wellington on Red Lion Court TA21 8RD.


Coming in with a £15 price tag, Sainsbury’s offer a starter, main, side, dessert, and drink. A good selection, with each food item having a romantic play on words description on its packaging such as the scallop gratin having ‘I shell be yours’ on it. Heart shaped garlic butter on the meats also features but, there are a lack of vegetarian options with only one main on offer.

The 2 Sainsbury’s locations in Taunton can be found in the Hankridge Farm Retail Park TA1 2LR, and Billet Street TA1 3NE.


Asda offer a starter, main, 2 sides, dessert, and a drink for £12. Asda is the cheapest dine in option for a 3-course meal with their ‘Bistro’ selection offering a nice selection of food. Due to the price, the demand for the deal has been high and currently the Taunton store have no desserts, but they will be back in time for valentine’s day.

You can find the Taunton Asda on Creechbarrow Road TA1 2AN.


If you have a Morrisons More Card, then Morrisons could be the option for you. At £15 down from £17 with the loyalty card, you can get a starter, main, 2 sides, dessert, and a drink. The portion sizes are big but, they have no vegetarian options for mains other than a pizza and macaroni cheese as well as a lack of drink options. The Gu desserts are a nice touch, and there are varieties of the Gu cheesecake on offer in the deal.

You can find Morrisons on Priory Bridge Road TA1 1DX, in Taunton.


With M&S you can expect high quality food and they’re looking to provide that, with the store being the most expensive on this list at £25 for a starter, main, side, dessert, and a drink. The store has the most vegetarian options including a cheesy green vegetable bake and Mediterranean style vegetables. A popular favourite for main is the slow cooked lamb shanks, which come drizzled in a rich red wine and rosemary sauce. M&S Workers in Taunton said, “we usually sell out of the lamb on the day we put it out”. Although this deal is the most expensive of the stores available, when choosing each of the most expensive options for the deal, it works out as £38.75 worth of food for £25.

You can find M&S on the Taunton High street TA1 3LU.



This deal can only be purchased with a Tesco Clubcard but, for £18 you will get a starter, main, side, dessert, and a drink. The finest range is one to spoil yourself on this year and Tesco are one of the only stores to offer beer within their offer. The desserts are interesting, with a lot of heart shaped delicacies to enjoy such as the Raspberry and Rose Petal Tarts. Unfortunately, you cannot get this deal in Tesco Express stores.

You can find Tesco on Castle Street TA1 4AB, in Taunton.