HOW often do climate and wildlife catastrophe warnings have to be announced before politicians take action to even tell people the truth, let alone fight back?

Sadly, in 2024’s general election year, democracy has the usual serious flaw of vote-seeking candidates almost forced into policies of ‘positives’ in MORE quality jobs and prosperity, not the ‘negatives’ of  community managed ‘de-growth for survival’, with LESS work/ jobs, militarism, shopping, travel, private assets, etc.

Could capitalism’s globalisation and its technological IT/AI omnipotent advance have caused this big turnaround  in both people’s behaviour and morals ?

Remember all the new ethos of 1992’s first climate emergency global summit: having and doing things, replaced  by learning, thinking and creating.  

From this we had slogans of “think globally and act locally”, “live simply so that others can simply live”, and “the three Rs of Reduction, Re-use, and Recycle”: stress NOW urgently needed  on REDUCTION and  SHARING ( more equality in income/wealth, communal living, democratic co-operative businesses etc).

Surely NOT capitalism’s survival  threatening MORE growth and jobs, with yet more private greed and less public services and  commonwealth..

Sadly 1990s survival enthusiasm for revolutionary change has waned BUT recent signs, from growth of Greens politically and in national campaigns, often led by the young,  green revolution is back on the cards.

Come on all you Green New Deal, ‘sixth extinction’ survivalists, get really stuck into 2024’s  election fever, ‘tactically voting’ as necessary, to ensure the maximum  number of pro-PR voting and pro-Green-revolution proponents as possible in any new Parliament !

All  latest scientific evidence remains firmly on OUR side with present clear advance of life’s sixth extinction, including only yesterday’s awful COP14 SDGs report on progressive extinction of migratory birds/animals: on top of global greenhouse gas emissions still rising annually, heading for over 15% increase by 2030 requiring big 45% cut NOW, especially in all rich countries like UK.

On biodiversity, planet Earth shows its largest loss of life since dinosaurs, with one million plant and animal species now facing extinction, largely because of our greedy capitalism.