A LOCAL author has announced the second instalment in her series of cautionary tales for children will hit shelves later this month.

Issy Emeney moved to Somerset 23 years ago, living primarily in and around the Cheddar area - her newest book will hit shelves on Thursday, February 29.

Although known to most as a folk musician and painter, she decided to start writing children's books five years ago after years of making up stories for her three children.

“I’ve always made up stories because I’ve got three children who are now grown up," Issy said.

“It’s a new venture for me.

“I was very lucky to have placed my first story straight away with an agent and publisher."

Her first book, Billy Brute Whose Teacher was a Werewolf, was met with immense success, and even merited a review from David Walliams.

The second book in the series of cautionary tales, Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse, continues in Issy's unique style to appeal to children 'who like their stories with a bit of bite'.

“They are a bit dark and a bit wicked – a bit naughty in many ways with a surprising twist at the end of it - people absolutely love that," Issy said.

“I think children like to be a tiny bit scared sometimes - I’ve tried to keep it fun.

Like the first book in the series, Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse is written entirely in rhyme, and features illustrations from the award-winning Chris Mould.

“I think my musical background has given me a really good sense of rhythm which is really important when you’re writing in rhyme," Issy said.

“It’s a book that parents will really enjoy reading as well as the child.”

Issy says the series of tales is aimed at children aged between five and seven, towards the later ages for picture book readers; however, parents of children aged from three-years-old have told her their kids enjoyed the first book.

Although the latest instalment won't hit shelves until the end of the month, it is now available for pre-order online.

The book will be for sale in all major book shops such as Waterstones, and online on Amazon, as well as in some independent stores - although if not in stock, anyone interested in reading the book can ask for it to be ordered in.