A BOY from Burnham-on-Sea who was born with one hand is now Somerset's friendly neighbourhood spider-kid thanks to an innovative new bionic arm.

Kaden, aged eight, was born without his left hand.

Despite being offered plastic 'prosthetics' mainly for aesthetic purposes from the age of one, Kaden's mum wanted him to be able to make his own decision on the matter when he was older.

Determined since birth, Kaden always managed to find ways to function with only one hand, although in more recent years, it has caused him some frustration.

“All the way up until very recently he’s always done everything really well," Kaden's mum, Colette, said.

“As he’s got to this age now – all of his friends have started to do stuff that he now can’t do like playing tennis, and skipping.

Colette said that Kaden had recently grown somewhat self conscious of his arm, and often told her 'I just wish I had an arm.'

It was then that she began searching for a suitable prosthetic for Kaden, and stumbled across the company Open Bionics.

After a huge fundraiser by Mark First School, along with several others ran by Burnham-on-Sea locals, a total of over £13,000 was raised in order to give Kaden the arm he wished for.Somerset County Gazette: Kaden with his mum and dad.Kaden with his mum and dad. (Image: Open Bionics)

Colette explained that Kaden had originally opted for 'Black Panther' style covers for the bionic arm, but it wasn't until he arrived to collect it that he realised he would become Burnham-on-Sea's new spider-kid.

“When we first had the options of covers for it, he chose Black Panther, because Spider-Man wasn’t an option," she said.

"Evie from open bionics said they’d worked with Disney to make some Spider-Man covers, and so he could be the face of Peter Parker spider-kid.

“He was gob smacked - he had the best coloured Spiderman arm.”

Kaden said Spider-Man is his favourite superhero; more specifically, his favourite Spider-Man actor is Andrew Garfield.Somerset County Gazette: Kaden has already begun putting his new arm to good use.Kaden has already begun putting his new arm to good use. (Image: Open Bionics)

"I like that he can like climb walls and he’s really good at defeating bad guys and stuff," Kaden added.

Although his new arm does not shoot webs, Kaden said 'it makes everything easier.'

"It makes everything easier, and my favourite thing about it is that I can hold my mum and dad’s hands when crossing the road," he said.