WE all want to freeze time, especially when we have children. But what if we could capture those tiny hands and feet forever?

One Taunton mum has taken it upon herself to do just that. Her aim is to capture the beauty of your little one not just by taking 2D photos, but in 3D as well – with hand and foot casting.

Helen Wood, owner of Mummy’s Prints, started her photography and casting business after her second child was born.

“I tried doing a DIY baby casting kit when he was two weeks old and it was a disaster,” she said.

“There was a whole booklet of instructions I was trying to read while breastfeeding the baby to sleep.

“I said to my husband, we will do it again. But life gets in the way and suddenly he was six months old!

“I still had some of the kit left, so I tried again with my newborn nephew, and then my toddler, and friends and family with children and with every casting I improved and fell in love with the precious little moulds. I thought ‘I wish I had someone to do this for me when I couldn’t’.”

Somerset County Gazette: Foot casting on a wall mounted wooden heart.

While working as a communications officer, Helen spent time taking photos of her family. She soon started to take photos of friends and families’ children too. And then decided take the plunge and set up her own business.

“When I was pregnant with my second child, my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer,” she explained.

“Between wanting to spend more time with my family, and the rising costs of sending two children to nursery, I knew I would need to go part-time with my role, and so I took the plunge and set up my own business.

“I’ve always loved photography, art and sculpture, but it wasn’t until my children were born that I had something worthwhile to photograph. I’ve loved capturing them as they grow. In every stage, children are a joy to capture, from newborn sleepiness to gummy smiles, that wobbly walk or a sassy child - to be bold and completely yourself is wonderful to see.”

Somerset County Gazette: Helen takes photos of your little one - whatever age they are.

If you would like to find out more, visit the Mummy’s Prints Instagram, Facebook or website.

After having two children of her own, Helen decided that she wanted to visit new mums in their own homes. She realised getting out of the house when you have just had a baby can be a big ask – especially when you’ve had a caesarean section and cannot drive for six weeks.

Helen has chosen to focus on natural photography, using a soft-light box and a tight focal field to create intimate photos of babies and children, who are surrounded by memories in their own homes.

Somerset County Gazette: Wall mounted hand and foot casts.

“I love talking to parents about all things babies,” Helen added.

“I’m still deep in the trenches of young motherhood, so I love to talk about sleepless nights and weaning and what age that darn tooth finally came through!

“You will never regret having photos or castings done whatever age children you have, time really does fly but I’ll keep trying to freeze it.”

Helen offers a range of options whatever age your child is, from mini shoots for those over 18 months to newborn sessions, as well as sibling sessions and just a hand and/or foot casting session.