A PLANNING application has been submitted to Somerset Council in relation to the planned Gravity giga-factory at the former Huntspill Energy Park near Bridgwater.

It appears things are beginning to move forward with the factory's construction, as the applicant 'This is Gravity Limited' has applied for the retention of the existing construction access on Woolavington Road for an additional 15 years.

The existing access was initially constructed as a temporary measure as part of the National Grid Hinkley Point C Connection Project and was required to enable the construction of new pylons and the upgrade of the overhead power lines in the location.

The access, which is located off Woolavington Road to the east of Woolavington Roundabout, will 'temporarily' serve as a construction access but, there is provision another access in the nearby vicinity to serve as ‘residential and smart mobility access'.

In the planning application, the applicant wrote: "If there is a desire to retain an access along the Woolavington Road in perpetuity and for a permanent use, this will come forward as a compliance submission in relation to the Gravity LDO (Local Development Order).

"Minor modifications will be required due to the increased longevity of the access.

"These modifications will consist of removal of traffic signals, provision of visibility splays and updates to road markings."

For more information, or to comment on the application, search the reference number 54/24/00002 on Somerset Council's online planning portal.

Public consultation is open until Friday, March 15, and approval could be given from the following day.