TWO key roads are closed in Somerset this morning due to flooding brought about by heavy rain across the South West.

The Old Wells Road which runs from West Shepton to Dinder near Wells is currently closed.

The key road which links the two areas often floods due to run off from surrounding fields.

The following roads are also closed:

  • The Bridgehampton Road between Sparkford and Yeovil.
  • Street Drove near Street and Glastonbury.
  • Butleigh Road in Glastonbury.

The news comes after The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for Somerset, which will be in effect from until 12pm today (Wednesday, February 21).

It's one of several recent weather warnings issued for the county, as heavy rain has caused chaos with flooding affecting many areas since the start of the year.

Ten flood alerts and warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency as of this morning.

In several areas, river levels are expected to continue to rise throughout the day.

Those affected are advised to avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses and urged not to attempt to walk, cycle or drive through flood water.