A GENEROUS worker at a branch of McDonald's in Taunton has been recognised and praised for giving breakfast to a homeless man.

Terry Harding, who witnessed the act of goodwill, offered to buy the man outside East Street McDonald's a cup of coffee, but soon noticed a worker at the fast food restaurant handing him a bag of food and a hot drink.

"Absolutely fantastic. Well done McDonald's - people are absolutely amazing," Terry said.

Louise, the kind soul behind the good deed and crew trainer at McDonald's explained how she often sees homeless people nearby to her place of work.

She decided to go above and beyond for the man she met this morning, giving him a McMuffin Meal along with a cup of coffee, to which he was 'very grateful.'

“They came in originally for a cup of hot water," Louise said.

“I decided, no, I’d give them something a bit more."

On a Facebook post about Louise's kind act, Taunton locals have been praising the McDonald's worker.

One resident said: "Thank you for helping someone less fortunate.

"I feel so sorry for any homeless out in this awful weather.

"Each time I see a homeless person, I also provide hot food and hot drink. No-one should be homeless, it's 2024."

Another added: "Lovely to see - happy news."

A third local said: "How lovely to see something positive."