A STOLEN caravan that has been obstructing a road in Frome has been seized and removed by the police.

Residents reported the caravan on Brunel Way to the police saying it was causing obstruction.

On further checks, police said the vehicle was registered as stolen from out of the force area.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesperson said: “PCSO Shelley and Kris attended a caravan in Brunel Way Frome, which looked abandoned on the roadside after receiving calls from members of the public with regards to causing obstruction.

“This caravan had previously been moved from Marston Road after being served a seven-day notice from Somerset Council.

“On police checks, PCSO Shelley contacted the owner of the VRM on the caravan, to which the owner of that registration didn't know anything about it and did not own the vehicle in question.

“On further checks, the vehicle has been registered as stolen from out of the force area.

“The vehicle has now been removed under police powers and seized.”