Wells has been ranked as the best city to enjoy a log cabin getaway with a hot tub, according to new research.

This was part of a study from Slingo looking into what the most relaxing getaways in the UK were and what factors contributed to that.

Discussing the reasoning behind the research the site said: "With the stress of modern life, work and personal relationships, a relaxing retreat can be the ultimate way to reset. A relaxing getaway gives you the much-needed opportunity to recharge, de-stress, and rejuvenate.

"A relaxing getaway can look different to everyone, but for most, it involves spending time in a spa, receiving a massage, or reconnecting with nature in a countryside cabin. But where is the best place to spend a relaxing retreat in the UK?"

Somerset County Gazette: Wells was also ranked in the top 10 most relaxing city breaks generally in the researchWells was also ranked in the top 10 most relaxing city breaks generally in the research (Image: Getty Images)

The full research can be found on the Slingo website here.

Wells ranked best city for a log cabin hot tub holiday

Wells was found to have 42 log cabins with hot tubs within 15 miles of the city, making it the best place to go for that type of relaxing holiday.

Slingo added: "Wells in Somerset is the best place to visit if you want a luxury stay in nature. Within 15 miles of the city, you can find 42 log cabins with hot tubs.

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"Chapterhouse is a luxury outdoor cabin with a fenced yard and private wood-fired hot tub, while Bramley Apple Tree Glamping offers a similar experience to vacation-goers."

On top of that Wells ranked in 10th place for the most relaxing getaways list, beating out the likes of Manchester, Brighton and Edinburgh.

This was based on a score reached from the number of spas, wellness centres, massage parlours, log cabins with hot tubs, five-star accommodations, tree canopy cover and a general relaxation score.