Wessex Water has retained its Customer Service Excellence award, an accolade it first picked up in 1996.

It received praise in an independent assessment for maintaining high standards of drinking water and positive customer experience.

The report stated: "Quality and continuous improvement are of the highest importance to Wessex Water and the organisational culture is one of prioritising the customer experience.

"Externally, in January 2023 Wessex Water were rated second highest in the UKCSI list of 20 most improved organisations and rated third in the utilities sector on ‘customer satisfaction and trust’.

"Everyone at Wessex Water is engaged in the drive for continuous improvement.

"An approach of seeing challenges and learning points as an opportunity to improve is encouraged.

"The work you do to expand your insight and constantly update your understanding of all your customers is extensive.

"At every opportunity you are seeking to reach those who are most disadvantaged for whatever reason of vulnerability."

Wessex Water's commitment to becoming the first company to eradicate water poverty by 2030 was also recognised.

With plans to expand its affordability assistance programme, it guarantees nobody will spend more than five per cent of their disposable household income on water bills.