The Wellington Liberal Democrats celebrated their volunteers with an event to thank them for their work.

The gathering featured an afternoon tea and musical entertainment and took place at Bulford Hall.

The party's Parliamentary candidate for Taunton and Wellington, Gideon Amos, was joined by Somerset and town councillors, and Steve Mercer, the party’s candidate for the upcoming Wellington Town Council by-election at the event.

Mr Amos said: "I was absolutely delighted to say a huge thank-you to everyone for coming out with me and the team in all weathers to deliver leaflets and listen to local people and their concerns."

The branch also announced their next public meeting, part of a series of events open to the public for discussing local issues.

Scheduled for April 9 at the Scout Hall, the meeting will focus on potential local developments under the theme ‘Wellington Tomorrow - a brighter future for our town’.

It will include a speaker from Cash Access UK, talking about the new Banking Hub proposal, and David Northey, Network Rail’s expert on Wellington Station, who will discuss public transport plans on a broader scale.

Further speakers and details of this free event will be announced in due course.