TAUNTON primary school pupils were challenged to be creative and come to school wearing a costume to represent an ambitious word of their choice.

The Richard Huish Trust’s initiative, called Vocabulary Day, took place at five Taunton primary schools part of the trust.

Vicki Palmer, English lead at Nerrols, explained the purpose behind the event: “Research shows that a lack of vocabulary significantly affects a child’s learning and, as a result, their future life chances.

Somerset County Gazette:

Somerset County Gazette:

Somerset County Gazette:

“This event was part of our commitment to help pupils across the Trust to develop a wide range of vocabulary for future success.”

“Children from Lyngford Park, West Buckland, North Town, North Curry, and Nerrols took part in Vocabulary Parades attended by parents and carers.

“Throughout the day they enjoyed vocabulary games and activities as well as sharing their word and their definitions with their classmates.

“Plans are in place to combine the words into a pictorial dictionary.”