A QUICHE from a town in Somerset has been hailed by Adam Richman, the star of popular TV series Man v Food.

The Brooklyn-based food expert and chef is attempting to shed light on the “globally misunderstood” and “unfairly maligned” realm of British cuisine – for a new Food Network UK show, Adam Richman Eats Britain.

“I think globally British food is largely misunderstood and maybe unfairly maligned," Adam said.

"We acknowledge Spain’s impact on food, Japan’s impact on food, Italy’s impact on food – all of which are profound – but people slag off Britain.

“Then you stop and you go, the sandwich has roots here, Cheddar has roots here, Angus beef has roots in Britain.

During his travels, Richman shares the culinary treasures he unearths with his audience for the new show, and highlights a quiche he believes may rank among the top ten dishes he has ever tasted.

“In this little town called Langport, in Somerset, I had a quiche that is arguably in the top ten foods I’ve eaten in my lifetime, made by a woman named Mel and her two daughters in a bakery," he said.

As a first-generation immigrant in America, Richman celebrated Britain’s culinary diversity, praising the abundance of South Asian, African, and West Indian foods available on the island, saying: “I hope I was able to elevate those voices.

“Because let’s be honest, any country with an imperial past is usually telling the story of white people, I’m not pandering but it’s just the truth.

“There is a vibrant food culture here, and it is not just boiled, fried, salty, butter. The South Asian and African communities that have settled in Britain have changed the game.

“My friend from Romford can order Indian food with the mellifluousness of a traveller who went to Mumbai.

"You can go to Peckham [London] and have incredible Nigerian food, go to Brixton and have breath-taking Jamaican food, south of the river [Thames].”

“So we give homage and we give love to Cheddar in Cheddar Gorge, or the Whitstable oyster in Whitstable, but how cool is it to then go Kent, and discover it’s more than that.

"Kent is more than having a sandwich in Sandwich (town), which was dope, but still, there are more stories to tell."

Additional reporting by Jamel Smith, PA.