BANNER waving Labour supporters are planning a 'Britain Deserves Better' march and rally in Taunton this month.

The event, organised by Taunton and Wellington Labour Party on Saturday, March 23, offers people from across Somerset the opportunity to show what they think about "the chaos that has engulfed the current government and the policies that have brought our essential public services to their knees".

Estelle Smillie, chairman of Taunton and Wellington Labour Party, said: "The impact of financial and health pressures on struggling households has been progressively dumped at the doors of local councils over the past 14 years.

"Essential public services, food banks, Citizens Advice and other key organisations are straining to meet the needs of Somerset’s communities.

"The blame for this state of affairs lies squarely at the door of the current, dysfunctional Government.

"We want to give people an opportunity to join together and express their feelings.”

The march will begin from Vivary Park at 11 am, finishing with a rally and speakers at Castle Green.

Participants are invited to take home-made, as well as organisations’ banners along with their voices.