A TAUNTON resident has raised the issues of council boundaries and empty shops with the town council.

Alan Debenham proposed a review of the council’s boundaries near Wellington Road/Bishop's Hull which could “cause controversies” once the council tax bills reach the residents.

He also suggested empty premises in Taunton town centre could benefit from a makeover that would get rid of the “bare boards”.

He said: “I would like to raise a couple of things. The first one has to do with the boundary of the council.

“It is likely to cause controversy with the council tax. In the Staplegrove parish there was a bit of controversy, but what I’m trying to say to the council is that the boundaries should be reviewed.

“I don’t know at what point should be reviewed but serious thought should be put in the question of Bishop's Hull.”

Mr Debenham then said: “I hate the idea of bare boards. What the council did for the Debenhams building was excellent, with the lighting in the evening.”

He then added: “The empty premises in the area could do with a makeover. Something that looks like shop windows to go over the bare boards.”

Craig Stone, the council’s operations manager, said: “There is a procedure by which boundaries can be reviewed” and added that a review was carried out “not long ago”.

The council’s manager also confirmed that four premises in the town centre could soon benefit from a makeover.

These are the old council offices on East Reach, the former Dream Suite store, the former Henry’s pub, for which Go Create could provide an artwork, and the former bank opposite the Debenhams building.