A FERRET has been successfully reunited with its owner after it escaped and entered the house of a couple who lived a few streets away.

Bridie Beck had a real shock when she discovered Freddie the ferret had snuck into her house on the morning of Sunday, March 10.

She said she heard her dog 'going crazy' downstairs, so got out of bed to investigate, but could not see anything out of the ordinary.

It was only when she was walking back up the stairs that she noticed Freddie on her landing.

"It was so strange, I was screaming," Bridie said.

She was then told by her boyfriend that the ferret had actually made its way into bed, and was 'cuddling up' to him.

“He was kind of half awake, and was like ‘what’s that?!'," Bridie said.

"In the end he was actually quite sweet - bless his heart, he's obviously quite clever."

After a Facebook appeal and knocking on a few doors, Freddie was reunited with his grateful owner - a little girl who lived a few streets away.

“We posted it on Facebook and luckily someone replied and they came over and picked him up," Bridie said.

“She was really happy to see him.”