I’M tearing my hair out and it’s all my dog’s fault.

With apologies to fellow columnist Mark Wall (who writes about his dog), I have a canine theme to my column this week, if only to ask for advice.

Our previous dog was a Working Cocker Spaniel. And, bless her, Rosie would want to walk at least two miles every day. Never mind the weather, her thought process was simple: “Get your waterproofs on, we’re going out!”

When we lost Rosie it was at least a year before we could bring ourselves to get another dog. Then one day, one came to us. We got the chance to rehome a six-month-old Spaniel – only this time a Cavalier King Charles.

What a difference!  Now let’s be clear, we love her to bits. But exercise? Walking? It’s not really for Bonnie. And if it’s raining, don’t even try.

We’ve tried most things. Is her collar too tight? No. Does she have poorly paws? No. Joint problem? No. Bone idle? Ah, yes!

Our lovely vet hit the nail on the head when he said: “All King Charles take one look at the rain and say to themselves: Unless you’re taking me to a five star hotel with an Italian restaurant… I don’t bother.”

And oddly Bonnie only wants to venture out as a “family”. So of I try to walk her on my own, or my wife does, she literally digs her heels in and sits down, right on the doorstep.

Believe me we’ve tried.  Picking her up for a bit, giving her treats.  But when Bonnie makes her mind up that woman is not for turning. There was one occasion when she decided enough was enough in the middle of the road. She just sat there… and a car had to stop!

But I’ve had one sane piece of advice from a dog behaviour expert called Sophie Mae. She says: “If your dog won't walk, don’t fret. Sometimes mental stimulation is an excellent alternative.”

If I can wake her up, I’ll try that.

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