TAUNTON Creative Innovation Centre has celebrated a landmark anniversary by putting together a tribute video.

CICCIC's commemorative video contains insightful facts and figures, as well as the most memorable moments from the centre's time in Taunton so far.

A spokesperson said: "CICCIC’ Celebrates 10 Years (its actually 12 but the video explains more) with Arts & Community Impact Video and song ‘Hero’s and Dreamers’.

"Do take the time to see how we go above and beyond in building a better community in Taunton and how we contribute to the creative industries in Somerset.

"We would like to thank everyone who supports our work as an independent arts centre in Taunton."

A large-scale version of the Arts Hub logo was revealed on Flook House in Belvedere Road Taunton recently, where CICCIC operates the hub.

Richard Holt, director of CICCIC, said: "The planning permission for the logo mural took a while to satisfy the council, but we are so happy to see the finished result.

"Only possible through the hard work of Jenny and Liz from GoCreate and Sam Gaden from Aerosol Art.

"We feel so proud to be celebrating our second year at the Arts Hub with this bold and creative statement."