ACTIVISTS submitted evidence of an action taken at Somerset Council, where they covered the building in graffiti.

The Palestine Action group said they sprayed red paint, bloody handprints, and painted messages which read 'Elbit out' and 'Evict Elbit'.

A spokesperson for the group said: "By taking Elbit's money, our council has Palestinian blood on their hands.

“By default, they've made the whole county of Somerset complicit in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

“We refuse to stand by whilst the council continue to ignore our requests to evict Elbit.

“For the Palestinian people at the other end of Elbit's weapons, we will continue to take action until the council kicks Elbit out of Aztec West 600."

The offices at Aztec West 600 – near junction 16 of the M5 – were purchased by Sedgemoor District Council in 2020, with Somerset Council inheriting the investment when it assumed power in April 2023.

The spokesperson for Palestine Action also said: “On two previous occasions, Somerset residents have disrupted council meetings urging for immediate action to be taken and for Elbit's lease to be terminated.

“Amidst financial issues, the council has made plans to sell all of their commercial properties including Aztec West 600.”

A spokesperson for Somerset Council said: "We believe this incident relates to a legacy commercial investment by Sedgemoor District Council which we have already agreed to dispose of.

"While we respect the right of individuals and groups to protest, we strongly condemn this criminal damage on a Grade II listed public building which will need to be removed at taxpayers’ expense."