JOE Mann, the Head of the Faculty of Art, Design, and Food,  at Queen's College, Taunton, clinched the prestigious ‘National Champion of Champions’ Eat Game award, announced yesterday (Monday, March 18).

The win affirmed Queen’s College’s position as a leader in culinary education and underscored Mr Mann’s unwavering dedication to promoting sustainable game meat consumption among students.

Queen's scooped the title amid stiff competition from schools and retailers UKwide.

Mr Mann’s outstanding efforts in educating the next generation about game meat earned him the coveted Champion of Champions award.

In his post-award remarks, he expressed heartfelt gratitude to the school’s students and teaching team, acknowledging their pivotal role in championing game meat.

"I’m tremendously thankful for all the pupils and staff that have been involved in us championing game,” he said.

“A huge thank you to Eat Game and BASC for such a prestigious award, we’ve all worked so hard to be part of this.”

Renowned BBC presenter, author, and celebrity farmer, Adam Henson, delivered a stirring tribute to Queen’s College during the awards ceremony.

He commended the school for nurturing a deep appreciation for food among its students, emphasising its commitment to promoting nutritious, sustainable, locally-sourced game.

He spoke passionately about the disconnect prevalent among young people regarding the sources of their food, highlighting Queen’s College as a beacon of education in this regard.