It has been a whole year since myself and my daughter, Andi, started our own family-run funeral home, Willow Funeral Services, and we couldn't be prouder of how successful our business has become in such a short time. We would like to thank all the families that have entrusted their loved ones into our care and for all the lovely reviews we have received to help us build up our caring and empathic reputation. 

Having run Quantock Funeral Services since 2017 until the end of 2022 and making the break to start a new brand on my own, has been equally stressful and rewarding. A lot of families have followed our journey and I am happy to say they have remained loyal to us and have come to us when they have needed our services, people have been very supportive. 

Having suffered a mild stroke in March 2022 a lot of people wanted me to take things a little easier and maybe a less stressful role in the funeral industry, or perhaps even an easier career path, but my passion for helping people through the most difficult times of their lives is a passion that runs deep. Being a funeral director is not a 9-5 job, it is a role that is never ending, even when you have completed your role for a family, it is quite normal for me to become personal friends and stay in touch with a connection that we, in the industry, are very privileged to be able to enjoy. 

Somerset County Gazette:

I remember when my father passed away in February 2013, I thought to myself after my dad's funeral that this was a career I wanted to get involved in. The funeral director who looked after my family at that time was my inspiration to try and get involved, he knows who he is, I don’t wish to name him, but if he reads this, he knows that I will be forever grateful to him. 

My main aim is to build a reputable trusted family business with the sole purpose to help families deal with bereavement, to arrange personalised meaningful funeral services and to ensure their way of saying goodbye to a loved one is a memorable, happy experience. Even though the loss of a loved one can be an extremely sad time, the funeral itself should be a liberating experience which helps you through the grieving process. A journey we will be at your side throughout and in the months to come. We are members of the NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors) a regulated governing body, making Willow Funeral Services a professional and trusted member of the funeral industry. 

Somerset County Gazette:

I would like to take this opportunity to help get the message out to the wider community that I am in no way linked to Quantock Funeral Services or Quantock Funeral Directors and if anyone wants to discuss their future funeral wishes, just call myself or Andi on 01823 806494 or 01823 971447 and any further information can also be accessed via  

You can also pop in for a chat and a coffee and are welcome to take a look around our new funeral home on Chip Lane in Taunton.