WORK has begun to demolish a block of public toilets in Somerset which were severely damaged by a car crash in 2022.

The block of toilets on Longforth Road, in Wellington, will soon be no more, as work to demolish the remains of the building is underway.

According to Wellington Town Council, after specialist contractors have finished removing asbestos from the site, the demolition work itself will begin on Monday, April 1.

Work is expected to be completed by Tuesday, April 16.

The damage to the toilets took place on December 23, 2022, after a black BMW 5-series careered off the road and smashed into the building.

Four fire engines were called to the incident in Longforth Road shortly after 3.30pm.

The driver of the BMW had managed to get out of the vehicle, which was 'smoking' by the time firefighters arrived on the scene.

The building was deemed 'unstable' so Acrow props were put in place to hold it up.

A structural engineer from the council and police attended and arrangements were made to recover the vehicle.

The building was then shored up using a winch to pull the vehicle clear and make it safe.