ASHLEY Fox, the Conservative MP candidate for Burnham and Bridgwater, has today thanked current MP James Heappey for his service to the town.

Mr Heappey, who has been the MP for Burnham-on-Sea since May 2015, announced last week that he would be standing down at the next general election after nine years as the MP for the town.

Under the recent boundary review, Burnham-on-Sea joins Bridgwater to become a new constituency at the next general election.

Ashley Fox, the Conservative MP candidate, said: “I would like to thank James Heappey for his incredible hard work and service to Burnham-on-Sea for the last nine years.

“James and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure there is further investment in the local transport network, and healthcare, and have seen more local investment from the Government in areas like improved broadband.

“If I am fortunate enough to be elected this year to represent the new seat of Burnham and Bridgwater, I will work hard to build on James’ significant legacy.”

James Heappey, current MP for Burnham-on-Sea, said: “I am delighted that Ashley Fox has been chosen to replace me as the candidate for Burnham-on-Sea at the next general election.

“Ashley is an experienced colleague and knows how to work to deliver change.

“I know that Burnham will be in good hands and have an excellent MP, should he be elected at the next election.

“I wish him every success and will support him in any way I can.”