A SOMERSET woman who won £1M with her husband has launched a free-to-use pop-up boutique in Taunton with the help of other National Lottery winners.

The pop-up shop was the brainchild of EuroMillions winner, Zoe Hoare, who since winning £1M with husband, Nick, has established a successful ladies' boutique.

Hearing of the Women’s Work Lab nine-month programme, which helps mums on benefits rebuild their confidence and embark on their employment journey, Zoe knew that she could help make a real difference by donating some perfectly picked clothing.

Using all her styling expertise, and supported by other National Lottery winners from the South West, Zoe has created the ultimate capsule wardrobe for each of the job-hunting mums.

Zoe said: “Every one of the ladies we have worked with today is celebrating their last day in the classroom with Taunton Women’s Work Lab, before exploring work experience opportunities and for some, attending job interviews.

“We know a new top or some super stylish trousers won’t guarantee a job, but we really hope that each of the graduating Mums will be able to feel that bit more proud of their achievement and a little more confident when they do step through the door of a possible employer.”

Zoe was joined by Danielle Heavens who won £1M on a National Lottery Scratchcard in 2016 with husband Jamie, and Taryn Hawkes who with her husband Grant, celebrated a £1M Lotto win in 2018.

Delighted be be helping after making a six-hour round trip to get involved, Taryn said: “I can relate to so many of the stories we have heard today and am humbled by the sacrifices many of the mums have made to make sure they complete the Women’s Work Lab programme.

“Before our incredible spot of National Lottery luck, we were in a very difficult position financially and times were very tough.

“My secret weapon to feel confident was always my shoes - if I had snazzy shoes, I felt braver.

“So hopefully some of the amazing outfits we have created today will help these inspirational mums feel that same level of extra confidence.”

The Women’s Work Lab is a social enterprise and its programmes combine bespoke classroom training with a work placement, 1-to-1 career coaching, and mentoring.

Unlike other training, the programme is uniquely designed specifically for Mums so they can ultimately find work that really works for them and their families.

Complete with rails of stylish clothes and accessories, all generously donated by Zoe, and a private changing room, the National Lottery millionaire team made sure that the shopping experience was a fitting reward and celebration for the graduating Mums.

Camilla Rigby, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of the Women’s Work Lab, was amazed at the millionaire volunteers' commitment and the transformation they were able to create.

She said: “We exist to help our Mums to become the best versions of themselves, whatever that looks like.

"We know that ambition is unique to an individual, just like their choice of wardrobe too.

“Our mums are now able to embrace their ambition, forget the pressures of parenting and the challenges ahead, and instead enjoy a moment of carefree shopping without spending a penny.

“The smiles on their faces and the extra spring in their step as they walked away, will stay with me for a very long time.”

Women’s Work Lab was established in 2019 and since then has supported more than 300 Mums across the South West back into work.

Participants may have faced multiple barriers to employment including lone parenting, surviving domestic abuse, children with special educational needs, and their own health conditions.

Two-thirds of their alumni are now working and Women’s Work Lab now delivers training in Taunton, Bridgwater, Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset.

The Co-Founders were recently awarded the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award, recognising their contribution to supporting women back into work. By playing any National Lottery game, players generate £30M each week for National Lottery-funded projects.

This money helps fund projects across the nation, with over 685,000 grants – supporting projects both big and small – having been made across the UK to date.

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