ACTIVISTS from Palestine Action set up camp in front of Elbit's Bristol headquarters at Aztec West 600.

Yesterday, (Wednesday, March 20) they established a base of resistance, activists have put up gazebos, banners, Palestine flags, and scaled-up trees overlooking the Israeli weapons maker.

The camp is the latest in a series of actions to evict Elbit from Aztec West 600, a premises which is owned by Somerset Council.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Since Palestine Action's launch in July 2020, activists have broken inside the arms manufacturer, occupied the roof, blockaded the gates, and dismantled the premises.

“Simultaneously, residents of Somerset have taken several actions to demand Somerset Council terminate Elbit's lease before they sell the property, a sale which is motivated by financial pressure on the council.

Somerset County Gazette:

“Residents have repeatedly disrupted council meetings and earlier this week activists covered Somerset County Hall in red paint and spray painted messages such as 'Elbit out', 'Evict Elbit' and 'Blood on your hands'.

“The newly established camp will apply further pressure on the council and reduce the prospect of any future sale without first evicting Elbit.

“Palestine Action said they will continue to take action until Elbit is out of Aztec West 600, and ultimately out of Britain.”

In February, a Somerset Council’s executive committee meeting at Deane House in Taunton was temporarily halted following a vocal protest against the war in Gaza.

To tackle the current financial crisis the council proposed to close the budget gap by selling off the commercial investments it inherited from the four district councils – including offices at Aztec West 600, within a business park on the northern edge of Bristol.

At the time, members of Palestine Action urged the council to evict the current tenant of the offices – Elbit System.

The offices at Aztec West 600 – near junction 16 of the M5 – were purchased by Sedgemoor District Council in 2020, with Somerset Council inheriting the investment when it assumed power in April 2023.

The leasehold of the property lists both Elbit Systems UK and Elbit Systems Ltd (based in Haifa, Israel) as named parties.