POLICE carried out speed checks in Frome last week (Wednesday, March 13) after a member of the public reported a number of "near misses."

Police identified 13 cars driving at excess speed on Warminster Road on the day.

In the past four years, 4,000 motorists have been prosecuted at the site for driving at excess speed.

A spokesperson from the Mendip Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said: "Community Speed Watch conducted on Wednesday, March 13 at Warminster Road.

"13 cars were recorded of excess speed at average of 40mph for 30mph.

"Over 4,000 motorists have been prosecuted for excess speed at this site in the past four years.

"The reason for this site was asked for by the public due to a number of near misses where public where crossing the road to Asda or visiting the graveyard.

"Please watch your speed and stick to the speed limits."