A MOTHER and daughter dog duo who were found dumped in a lay-by are being cared for at RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre near Taunton.

Anita Clark, assistant centre manager, said: “Are you looking for a ready-made family? Then look no further than this adorable pair.

“This wonderful duo were abandoned together in a lay-by. No owner has been traced, so they are now very keen to find a new home of their own.

"This pair really do adore each other. We have tried to separate them, wondering if maybe Beans gets on Bernadette’s nerves, but they just want to be together in everything they do. We are unsure if Bernadette is Bean’s Mum, but feel it's quite likely.

“Bernadette is a typical Collie.

"She loves to literally run circles around you and is a real bright spark. Beans is a little less confident, and takes her lead from Bernie, trying to keep up when they are running about, and staying close whenever she is unsure.”

The pair can live with other dogs and they enjoy travelling in a car. The dogs would be suitable for an active home and could live with older children.

Although they have made progress since coming into RSPCA care, they have a little way to go in terms of training. They will need to be gradually introduced to being left alone and reminders to keep on top of toilet training.

Anita added: “They have wonderful natures, and are always pleased to see us. We are aware that taking on two dogs is a big commitment, but also know they provide comfort and company for each other, and will bring endless joy into anyone's lives.”

Since the dogs need to return to RSPCA West Hatch for neutering at a later date, they must be rehomed no more than an hour away from the centre.

The RSPCA works day in, day out to care for animals that have been rescued from abuse, neglect, or abandonment and are desperate for a second chance.

This year marks the charity's 200th anniversary.