VOLUNTEERS who helped save a village shop and post office are celebrating a successful first year.

Stogumber Shop and Post Office has been run by the community for the community, with a steering committee overseeing the organisation and around 50 volunteers helping out.

They took on the premises, which has housed a shop since 1906, on April 1 last year.

Paula Clements, one of the volunteers, said: "Some said it was not ideal to take over on April Fools Day, but we proved them wrong.

"Our first year anniversary of running the shop has shown a profit and a successful year.

"The shop has brought many volunteers into the village more often.

"Friendships have been made and plenty of us have learned new skills.

"We are all proud that we have made a success of this first year of running Stogumber Shop."

The shop is open every morning from 8am and weekday evenings from 5 to 7pm are really busy.

Photo shows some of the volunteers after a celebratory cake and tea meeting in the village hall.

Thanks so much Paula Clements