IN a lively showdown of wits in Watchet, the annual Twinning Society Community Quiz brought together residents for a night of fun and fundraising.

Thirteen teams vied for the coveted crown and to support the ongoing connection between Watchet and its twin town, St Renan in Brittany.

The Twinning Society, established in 1979, has been instrumental in fostering bonds of friendship and understanding between the two communities.

What began as informal meetings between delegations from Watchet and St Renan has blossomed into a fun tradition of alternating visits.

The quiz saw the 'Cadenza Crusaders' clinch victory, with West Somerset Brass Band members Jodie Watson, Mark Tranter, Michael Butcher and Niall Watson emerging triumphant.

Their win also underlined the close bond the band has with The Twinning Society, with the band enthusiastically accompanying the Twinners to St Renan every two years.

Mary Rhodes, chairman of the Twinning Society, expressed her gratitude for the community's support, emphasising the importance of events like these in raising funds for hosting French visitors and strengthening bilateral relations. The £300 raised will go a long way to ensuring a warm and fun welcome for the guests expected in May.

The society's is eager to engage younger members of the community, recognising the value of diverse perspectives in furthering their objectives and enriching the experiences and opportunities offered by twinning.

Mary said: "It provides a wonderful opportunity to experience family life in another country."

For those interested in joining the Twinning Society, ema