Following their successful 60th anniversary tour in 2023, The Manfreds, with original members Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness, are set to perform at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton.

They are considered one of the finest and most respected bands from the 1960.

The band's numerous hits were not just ‘pop’ songs, many were R&B based with an undercurrent of jazz - a very unusual but winning combination of playing style and substance.

As a result, their records have a timeless quality and, some 60 years on, The Manfreds, with original front man Paul Jones, will be performing many of their hits.

This includes Do Wah Diddy Diddy, one of the most popular and instantly recognisable songs of the ‘60’s, and still the biggest audience pleaser at their concerts, along with a mix of jazz and blues covers and tracks from their individual solo albums.

Paul Jones, with his unique harmonica sound, will be joined by Tom McGuinness on guitar, Marcus Cliffe on bass, Simon Currie on saxophone and flute, Mike Gorman on keyboards, and Pete Riley on drums.

Somerset County Gazette:

The Autumn tour was a great success, explained Tom McGuinness.

He said: “The autumn tour honestly was fantastic, everything worked perfectly, and everyone was at the top of their game.

“I really can’t tell you how good it was. The audiences were up for it and when the audience is with you, it lifts you.”

The Autumn tour was all about the hits, but this tour is a bit different.

Mr McGuinness explained: “This time around, we are taking the chance to take a dip into the early material and explore the back catalogue and do some album tracks as well as the hits and some of our solo hits too.

“Overall, it’s quite loose and we can do a bit of soloing to give us a challenge.”

When the band started, they were not meant to be a ‘pop’ band.

Mr McGuinness continues: “The band started in 1962 but really got going in 1963, which is why we celebrated the 60th anniversary last year.

“In the beginning, we were a strange mixture of blues and jazz and we drifted – almost by accident – into ‘pop’.”

"The industry back then was a bit different to today – maybe a bit more fickle.

He further explained: “I remember doing a gig in 1965, we sold this venue out and returned six months later and it was only two-thirds full.

"We asked the manager why it wasn’t as full as before and he said, “Well, you haven’t had a hit for two or three months”.”

Despite being on the wrong side of 80 – like singer Paul Jones – Tom Mc Guinness remains enviably youthful.

He said: “I do a job that helps me stay young, although you could hardly call it a ‘proper’ job. Funnily enough, a couple of the younger guys in the band are in their fifties and their parents are my age!

“My GP just tells me to keep doing it while I can.”

Somerset County Gazette: The Manfreds, with original members Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness, are set to perform in Taunton

When Tom McGuinness joined the band originally, he was the bassist, but soon switched to his instrument of choice – the guitar.

He noted: “I didn’t really want to be the bass player and I rarely play it these days, but I do have a Hofner Violon bass like Paul McCartney had. And I still practise guitar when I’m not touring, as I’m still learning.”

The Manfreds’ ‘Hits and More in ’24’ Tour will be heading to the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton on Friday, April 12.

Tickets are available from the Box Office and all the usual agencies.