TAUNTON Town Council's Town Wardens have been out in full force recently to carry out some much needed maintenance on public services in the town.

Most recently, the wardens refurbished the handrail near the men's toilets at Castle Green, gave makeovers to benches at Victoria Park, and replaced wooden bollards at Taunton Green.

They also worked on toilet flushes in public toilets, as well as ridge tiles and gutters.

A spokesperson for Taunton Town Council said: "As a Town Council with Town Wardens we can move quickly and 'make do and mend', achieving more with less.

"This week, the team tackled some repair projects: from refurbishing the handrail near the gent's loos at Castle Green, to bench makeovers at Victoria Park, with a spot of wooden bollard replacement at Taunton Green.

"There was also a chance meeting with one of our Councillors Cllr Bev Fernandes - Manor & Tangier.

"We decided not to show you the loo flushes, ridge tiles and gutters they repaired, as we know you can have too much of a good thing."