Glastonbury has been ranked as the most expensive weekend music festival to attend in the UK.

This was based purely on ticket price, with it excluding additional costs such as travel, parking, food, and drink.

Glastonbury general admission price for a weekend was stated as £355, which was about the second-most expensive options in Reading and Leeds at £325.

The analysis was carried out by Cashfloat, who also found that Bestival provided the cheapest general admission ticket.

What were the most expensive and cheapest general admission tickets?

According to the analysis the three cheapest UK weekend music festivals were:

  1. Bestival - £232
  2. Wireless Festival -£258.25
  3. Download Festival - £267

Sarah Connelly, Finance Expert at Cashfloat, commented: "As part of our study, we compared the cost of ten popular UK festivals to identify those offering the most budget-friendly weekend and one-day general admission tickets.

"Bestival secured the top spot for the most affordable weekend admission, priced at £232, closely followed by Wireless and Download at £258.25 and £267.00 respectively.

"Notably, Reading, Leeds, and Glastonbury emerged as the top 3 most expensive festivals, with ticket costs ranging between £325 and £355."

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Alongside that Cashfloat looked at costs for a one-day ticket, which Glastonbury doesn't offer.

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Sarah continued: "Of course, Bestival also claimed the title for the UK festival offering the most budget-friendly one-day admission pass.

"Other festivals offered variations, with certain days priced slightly higher than others. Nonetheless, the Isle of Wight Festival secured the second spot at £120.00 per ticket, followed by Reading and Leeds Festival at £125 per ticket.

"Wireless Festival emerged as the priciest option for one-day tickets, while some festivals did not provide a one-day ticket option at all."