I’M embarrassed to say I treat my dog as a human, from toys (including a ball pool thanks to the TikTok algorithm), to outdoor coats and food – I give her almost everything a child owns but in the most pet-friendly form.

Is it because she is my first four-legged best friend? Or is it my maternal conscience telling me I’m ready for motherhood? Who knows.

My cockapoo Florence is almost one and over the last year she’s had it all, the most ridiculous recent purchase being a doggy advent calendar and Christmas Eve box.

Probably seen as a good thing in terms of being spoiled, when it came to Easter in 2023, she had just been born and didn’t exist in my life.

But years ago, my mother-in-law bought my fur-sister-in-law a dog-friendly Easter egg and her ecstatic reaction has always stayed with me.

Since then, buying my own dog an Easter egg that won’t harm them (or possibly kill them) has been on my pet owner bucket list.

So when I came across the Easter treat range at Pets at Home, I had to get my hands on them, especially the egg hunt box, because if I’m planning one for the family, of course, Florence needs her own activity.

Somerset County Gazette: Has your dog ever tried pet-friendly chocolate?Has your dog ever tried pet-friendly chocolate? (Image: Newsquest)

These Pets at Home chocolate Easter eggs made my dog’s year

When it came to the Easter eggs, Florence tried one suitable for medium breeds (adults and puppies over three months) priced at £4 for 100g and another for small breeds which cost £2.50 for 50g.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect because although she loves anything edible, she has never had any pet chocolate.

I’m often hesitant as to what she eats as a whole because I know cockapoos can have sensitive digestive systems (wet food is a big no-no for Flossy).

But these Easter eggs now have 30% less sugar, no added soya and low lactose, which was surely bound to minimise any tummy troubles.

Somerset County Gazette: My dog who is in much need of a groom couldn't resist this pet-friendly chocolateMy dog who is in much need of a groom couldn't resist this pet-friendly chocolate (Image: Newsquest)

As soon as I grabbed them out of the bag, she was spinning round and round in circles next to me, which I was surprised about considering she couldn't have known they were for her as she had never seen them.

Yet when I took them out of the box and foil (an adorable human-like touch), I understood what all her excitement was about before even getting a nibble.

I was curious to see what they smelled like because if dog treats have a pungent meat smell, I will run a mile.

Much to my delight, they had a fruity scent and I’m not sure if my nose was having an odd day, but I approved too.

As soon as I held them in front of Florence, I’d never seen her tongue move as fast as she began licking the eggs to death.

Somerset County Gazette: Pets at Home offer different sized Easter eggs for our petsPets at Home offer different sized Easter eggs for our pets (Image: Newsquest)

She was losing her patience with not being able to work out how to tuck in within seconds, so began clawing them as if she had just discovered she had paws for the first time.

To help her, I crumbled up a chunk I broke off from the top and as I blinked, it was gone.

They were clearly something special as when I wrapped the chocolate eggs back up, she started crying and tried to give me 100 high fives.

How to do a dog Easter egg hunt?

The pack of eggs that came as part of the Easter egg hunt set (£5 for 120g) was equally delicious, according to Florence’s response when I hid them days later, after her first taste of chocolate.

However, as she isn’t the biggest of dogs and pet-friendly chocolate is new to her digestive system, I decided to hide just one of the mini eggs broken into big pieces under cushions, in her ball pool, tucked in the middle of a bean bag and behind plant pots outside.

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Seeing her bounce around the house in disbelief that this game was all for her made my heart burst.

I have to say, I don’t think a dog’s Easter could get any better than this (other than a wholesome walk to a pub for a Sunday roast).

It's important to remember, just like any other treat, Easter goodies should be given in moderation as part of your pet’s daily calorie intake and as a reward for good behaviour.