THE former landlord of The Telegraph Inn in Taunton has celebrated his 70th birthday in style.

Eddy Biernacki ran the Bridge Street pub, which is now The Moonshine Bar, from 1985 to 1997.

In honour of his 70th birthday, his wife took it upon herself to contact two of Eddy's friends, Steve Hignett and Mick Rooney, and enrolled them to help in the birthday bash preparations.

Soon, the trio managed to spread the word, despite not being able to use social media for fear of Eddy finding out.

Eddy explained that he would have never have guessed his surprise.

Somerset County Gazette: A cake was made in the shape of The Telegraph.A cake was made in the shape of The Telegraph. (Image: Eddy Biernacki)

Speaking about the event, Eddy said: "My wife told me where we were off the night before, it’s something I would never have guessed.

"So at 2pm on my birthday it was definitely like stepping back in time.. the word had definitely got around.

"Old friends came from all over, every time the door opened there was another memory and another story.

Somerset County Gazette: The group celebrated Eddy's birthday in style.The group celebrated Eddy's birthday in style. (Image: Eddy Biernacki)"Former staff and customers, now all friends made it a day I will never forget."

Sue and Joe Hewes are the current owners of The Moonshine Bar. They opened the business in 2019, having reinstated it as a bar after it had been a tattoo studio and before that an antique shop. 

Somerset County Gazette: The bar is now known as The Moonshine.The bar is now known as The Moonshine. (Image: Eddy Biernacki)Sue said: "My husband and I were happy to give Taunton back the public house as we have lost so many over the years. 

"On the day of the birthday party, I showed Eddy around the bar and all the changes we had made, he was pleasantly surprised and commented on the improvements especially to the garden and kitchen which used to be the old barrel store.

Somerset County Gazette: 70th birthday bash.70th birthday bash. (Image: Eddy Biernacki)"We even have a piano for our customers to play and have sing alongs like the old days."

Michelle from At Heavens Cakes made a delicious cake in the shape of The Telegraph in honour of the event.

Somerset County Gazette: Friends and family gathered to celebrate.Friends and family gathered to celebrate. (Image: Eddy Biernacki)Somerset County Gazette: Eddy was shown the changes made to the pub.Eddy was shown the changes made to the pub. (Image: Eddy Biernacki)

Eddy added: "Sue and Joe at The Moonshine did a lovely spread for everyone and Michelle at For Heavens Cakes made a truly amazing cake in the shape of The Telegraph.

"A truly wonderful birthday thanks to my wife, Steve and everyone who came to celebrate with me."