LONG-serving volunteer Elizabeth Angell has won a national award from Cancer Research UK too mark 41 years' loyal service to the charity.

A trained nurse, Elizabeth started at the cancer research shop in Bangor, North Wales, before moving to Malmesbury, and coming to Taunton in 2016.

The charity’s annual Flame of Hope Awards acknowledge remarkable efforts in volunteering,

Elizabeth, 82, who lives near Taunton, was named a Cancer Research UK Honorary Fellow in appreciation of her exceptional dedication.

She was presented with the award by shop manager Owen Gallop, who nominated Elizabeth, who he describes as "one in a million".

She was unable to attend a special awards ceremony, but enjoyed a Somerset ‘thank you’ afternoon instead.

Mr Owen Gallop said: “Elizabeth volunteers here in the North Street shop at least two days a week and extra when required.

"She always has a smile and her knowledge is immense, and her compassion and patience for every little detail is always there.

"Elizabeth is one in a million and a true asset to Cancer Research UK."

Sue Hamlin, who has managed the Taunton shop for 20 years, said: “After moving to Taunton, Elizabeth has been volunteering with Cancer Research UK since 2016, working on the till for at the very least two days a week.

“Always the first to offer extra days to cover, through sickness and holiday, whether it is for staff or till volunteers on a different day. Each and every morning, her smile is glistening through. She so deserves to have this special award.”

Elizabeth said: “I get so much out of the people I meet.

"It is good to listen and to talk to others who can make your day.

"It’s always something which I enjoy and coming in to the shop to help get things done is a great way to spend my time.”

Cancer Research UK’s chief executive Michelle Mitchell said: “The Flame of Hope Awards give us the opportunity to celebrate and thank the amazing people who give their time and energy wholeheartedly and who have made outstanding contributions.”

Cancer Research UK spokesperson for Somerset Alison Birkett said: “These awards are our way of honouring incredible people like Elizabeth who give their time freely to raise money for research and promote greater awareness of the disease, and yet ask for nothing in return.

“Time volunteered is not ordinary time. It’s time infused with passion, drive and determination. It’s time honouring lost family members and friends. Or extra time gained thanks to advances in research.

“Every step we make towards beating cancer relies on every pound, every hour and every person.

“That’s why, with volunteer numbers having dropped significantly due to the pandemic, we’re encouraging people to get involved and start their journey to a potential Flame of Hope Award now.

“Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills, and committing just one hour a week can help make a difference to people affected by this devastating disease.”

Find out more about opportunities to volunteer for Cancer Research UK at cruk.org.uk/volunteering