A TAUNTON couple have welcomed a 'miracle' IVF baby after they opted for genetic testing - which is more common in mum's native Thailand.

Jarmmy, 39, and John Greenwood, 49, met in Thailand at a wedding anniversary party where he was a guest and she was the party planner.

They married in 2017 then relocated to the UK and settled in Taunton and were keen to a family straightaway.

The couple both had fertility issues and bought a two-cycle IVF package at fertility company BCRM in Bristol.

Sadly first time round Jarmmy miscarried but on their second round of treatment they decided to use the genetic testing available at BCRM, which minimises the risk of miscarriage by enabling the selection of the healthiest of the embryos created in the lab.

And last December, Jarmmy gave birth to a baby son weighing 3.9kg at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Software architect John said: “After more than a year of trying without success, Jarmmy had some diagnostic tests that revealed blocked fallopian tubes.

''We also learned I had a low sperm count.

“Obviously we were very disappointed, but we were led to understand we could still conceive if we used IVF.

“We decided to buy a two-cycle package and couldn’t believe our luck when Jarmmy became pregnant after just one cycle - we felt like we’d entered ‘baby heaven’.

“Life had never been better, and we started to think about names, looking at baby clothes in the shops, and spent our evenings thinking and planning about life after the baby was born.

“But we didn't know that sadness was around the corner: Jarmmy miscarried at just seven weeks. I'm not ashamed to admit we both cried that day."

They decided to have another go, deciding to use the genetic testing available at BCRM.

John added: ''This test can minimise the risk of miscarriage by enabling the selection of the healthiest of the embryos created in the lab.

''It’s not terribly common in the UK, although it’s common practice in Thailand for would-be mums in their late 30s or 40s, so Jarmmy was very pro.

“She became pregnant again immediately, and we were so happy but cautiously so, in case history repeated itself.”

Jarmmy said: “I was very grateful for the counselling provided by BCRM. I worried that my body was going to let me down, and their support gave me confidence and lifted me when I felt anxious.”

The delighted parents named the baby Robert, after John’s dad who sadly passed away before the birth of the baby he had encouraged the pair to keep trying for.

John said: “We would very much like to encourage other would-be parents who are struggling to conceive not to fear IVF.

“BCRM do fantastic work and Jarmmy and I sincerely hope that other couples who find themselves in the position we were in can eventually experience the same joy their team gave us with the birth of our son."

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