TWO people have been arrested after four "masked males" were spotted acting suspiciously at the entrance of a farm in Frome.

The males, who were occupying a car, attempted to drive off after they spotted police. The car collided with the police vehicle and a wall, causing "severe damage."

Once they realised that their vehicle was trapped, the group attempted to flee on foot.

Two were detained by police in connection with the incident. After further searches, it was found that their vehicle had false plates.

Several number plates and power tools were also located in the vehicle.

The pair will appear at Yeovil Magistrates court on the April 24, 2024.

A Mendip Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said: "Right place, right time for Frome Neighbourhood Officers.

"PC Lunn and PCSO Seviour were on night time economy patrols when responding to an abandoned 999 call in regards to an Road Traffic Collision (RTC) in styles Hill, Frome.

"On searching for the RTC, they have come across a vehicle acting in a suspicious manner parked in the entrance of a farm occupied by four masked males.

"Upon seeing the Police vehicle, the driver attempted to drive their vehicle away from the location, colliding with the Police vehicle and a wall causing severe damage.

"When realising their vehicle was trapped, they made off on foot.

"Officers detained two males in connection with the incident and following a stop search, several number plates and power tools were located in the vehicle.

"The vehicle that collided with the Police vehicle also contained false plates. Response officers PC 2077 EDWARDS and PC 3586 BODY then came to assist with the two detained males.

"Both males were arrested for going equipped for stealing and their vehicle was seized.

"Going Equipped for Stealing - 'A person shall be guilty of an offence if, when not at his place of abode, he has with him any article for use in the course of or in connection with any burglary or theft.'

"Two males have now been charged for 'going equipped for stealing' and will be appearing at Yeovil Magistrates court on the April 24, 2024."