Non-profit Passion for Somerset CIC organised Somerset Day to inspire and empower communities, businesses and all who live in Somerset to share a passion for the county.

The Big Somerset Picnic will aim to bring people together, provide opportunities to fundraise for local causes and celebrate what Somerset is about and has to offer.

The day is held annually on May 11, and it is a day to embrace and cherish the Somerset traditions, culture and sense of belonging that makes the county unique.

The picnic will be held over the weekend of May 11 and 12, where you can organise your own picnic in your village, town hall or community centre.

Nigel Muers-Raby, Passion for Somerset CIC, said: “This event brings people together, provides opportunities to fundraise for local causes and celebrates everything Somerset has to offer. Whether it’s a picnic on the village green, entertainment and food stalls outside the town hall, a special Somerset-themed lunch menu or a takeaway delivered to the office, The Big Somerset Picnic is an opportunity for everyone to get together and get involved”.

Passion for Somerset is inciting organisers to use the Big Somerset Picnic as a chance to raise funds for local organisations and causes that matter to the community.

To find out more and take part go to and you'll be sent the Big Somerset Picnic 2024 pack with full details and lots of ideas to help you organise your picnic.