POLICE officers from Yeovil have seized a "quantity of suspected stolen goods" from an uninsured car.

Officers spotted the vehicle being driven without insurance before it made off at speed.

It was later found parked on a nearby road. There was no sign of the driver or occupants.

Speaking yesterday (Tuesday, April 2), a South Somerset Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said: "This afternoon, officers from Yeovil NPT were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle being driven without insurance.

"Before they could attempt to stop the vehicle, it made off at speed and drove through several red traffic signals, before being lost to sight.

"A short while later, additional NPT officers found the same vehicle parked on a nearby road, with no sign of the driver or any occupants.

"Due to the circumstances leading up to the vehicle being found, officers were able to search the car and locate a quantity of suspected stolen goods, which have been seized as evidence.

"The car was also seized for being driven without insurance."